See how Samsung maintained their position at the forefront of technology and innovation with a benefits package that retained and attracted the best talent in the Tech sector, by engaging employees and delivering what they really wanted.

The challenge

Samsung introduced their award-winning benefits scheme, ‘Highlights’, back in 2012. Employee engagement since then has remained consistently high, peaking at an impressive 96% logins. However, recent feedback showed that many employees didn’t know the ‘basics’ of their benefits, such as what they could spend their benefit allowance on. 

So, with the help of Thomsons, Samsung set out on a journey to inspire their tech-savvy and highly-dispersed workforce to interact more with their benefits. They also wanted to increase employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits, and help them improve their financial wellbeing.


The solution

In conjunction with Thomsons, Samsung developed an innovative, ‘always-on’ campaign designed to help them achieve all of their objectives. With over 1000 employees across their six UK offices, they took an integrated multi-channel approach to create consistent and regular communications that would engage employees at every touchpoint.

This ‘always-on’ approach consisted of a calendar full of scheduled communications, events and presentations. Each communication was categorised or themed for ease of understanding, for example breakdown cover, cycle to work and season ticket loans were combined as ‘your journey to work’. Samsung also helped to ensure everything was really easy for employees to understand by removing the jargon from their emails and targeting every email, letter and home-mailer to each individual.

Samsung wanted to ensure that they kept their campaign fun and the sheer volume and variety of communications made this campaign like no other. Within one year, Samsung ran 22 events and 284 sessions including 1:1s or presentations, distributed 4,232 personalised home-mailers, put up toilet posters, branded napkins in the canteen, delivered desk-drops and even used augmented reality!

Despite running a fun campaign, Samsung also wanted to tackle more taboo subjects such as money and finances. Due to the success of previous ‘Money Months’ Samsung took inspiration from ‘Hygge’, Scandinavian for cosiness, for their next money campaign. Playing on the theme of having warm feelings towards your benefits and pension, they engaged their employees using targeted emails, plasmas screens, table talkers, a home mailer and giveaways.


The results

Samsung’s always-on communications campaign has been a huge success. In 2017 they engaged 3,530 employees in 22 events, and directly spoke with 534 employees in one-to-ones and presentations. As a result, employees have been inspired to interact with their benefits as 2,241 new benefit selections made and the fantastic 96% login rate maintained.

The jargon-free and targeted communications have increased employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits. For example, a recent survey revealed 78% of employees agree that “Samsung Highlights enhances your overall benefits package”.

During the ‘Hygge’ ‘Money Month’, 53% of employees logged into their portal and over 300 employees attended face-to-face events. ISA take-up increased by 50 new registrations. There was also a 2% increase in pension contributions, with the average salary contribution to the pension scheme increasing to 13%.

Danielle Starbuck

Head of Reward - Samsung

Since partnering with Thomsons, we have seen a huge positive impact to our employees’ engagement with their benefits. We take great pride in ensuring our benefit strategy contributes to our goal of being an employer of choice and wining the Employee Benefits Award for ‘Best Benefits Communications’ in 2017 was just the icing on the cake.

The results? The numbers speak for themselves

Of employees flexed their benefits

Above national average pension contributions

Employees joined the pension plan

Reduction in attrition

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