Gender pay report

Thomsons Online Benefits 2017 UK gender pay gap report

At Thomsons we are passionate about creating brilliant careers for all our talented people. A key part of this passion is supporting the development of women in the workplace because we understand that when women are successful in their careers, that both businesses and society thrive.

We are a values-led organisation, where our values of ‘being brilliant together’, ‘challenging everything, delivering excellence’ and ‘maximising potential’ are part of our unique culture. Our people apply this passion to their everyday working lives at Thomsons.

This includes our commitment to ensuring that all our people reach their full potential, by being rewarded fairly and having the same opportunities for recognition, reward and career development. With only 17% of UK technology sector employees being women1, this means breaking out from our industry, and wider societal norms, and driving gender parity forward.

Our parent company Mercer also champions the advancement of women, both inside and outside the organisation, notably through their extensive global gender parity research project “When Women Thrive”. This commitment is evident through Mercer’s EDGE certification and Mercer being on The Times UK Top 50 Employers for Women list.

Like many organisations we have more to do, and we are on a continuous journey to further women’s progression in the workplace.

The gender pay gap regulations

Publishing details of our gender pay and bonus gap is an important step forward in ensuring that any pay gaps are identified, discussed and tackled. Before looking at the outcomes it is important to provide some context around equal pay and the gender pay gap to clarify that they are not the same thing. The gender pay gap shows the gap between the mean and median earnings of women and men within a company. The bonus pay gap shows the gap between the mean and median bonus paid to women and that paid to men. In other words, gender pay gap and bonus pay gap look at the mean and median across the entire company for women and men. This is different from equal pay, which relates to differences in individual pay between women and men holding specific jobs.

Thomsons Online Benefits 2017 gender pay gap




Understanding our gender pay gap

We acknowledge that there is a gender pay gap at Thomsons and this gap is predominantly because of the makeup of our workforce. The split of men and women is disproportionate. As of the 5th April 2017, Thomsons’ people were made up of 61% men and 39% women. We have a higher number of men within our senior management roles resulting in a higher average pay for men than for women. At 20% our median gender pay gap is on a par with the technology industry as a whole2.

Thomsons Online Benefits 2017 gender bonus gap


Understanding our gender bonus pay gap

The structure of our workforce is also influencing the median bonus pay gap. Whilst all employees are eligible for a bonus it is our sales and senior leaders where the highest bonuses are received and the gender imbalance within these teams is contributing to the bonus gap. At Thomsons, we ensure that everyone who is eligible for a bonus as per our bonus scheme criteria is considered.


It is clear that there is more work to be done to reduce the pay gap and encourage more women to join the technology sector as a whole, which we at Thomsons are committed to do.

Thomsons also prides itself on being an organisation that supports families by helping those who took maternity leave or shared parental leave return to work, with either full time or flexible working arrangements.

By continuing to offer additional parental support for working parents we will help reduce the gender pay gap and encourage more women to return to work and continue their successful careers with us.

  1. Parental support: Thomsons care for our people extends beyond the workplace, and will focus on greater support for working parents, including:
    • A programme for returning to work parents
    • Creating support network/groups led by our employees
    • Improving communications and support for flexible, parental and shared parental leave
  2. Considered gender balanced career progression and supporting managers with
    unconscious bias training.
  3. Greater transparency around gender balance to include reporting on the initiatives and their progress/evolution to the wider business. By also reviewing our existing policies and processes this will allow us to share inspirational stories, celebrate successes and promote role models.


I confirm the gender pay gap data contained in this report for Thomsons Online Benefits is accurate and has been produced to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Signed by Stephen Read




1 Women in tech website
2 Mercer report “Gender Pay in the UK High tech industry” - Page 6 point 1


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