Managed services

Darwin’s extensive automation and self-service is such that about 80% of our clients choose to manage their benefits in-house. However, if you prefer to outsource administration and helpdesk, our managed services have you covered.

Choose what’s right for you

You have full flexibility to choose the right administrative model for your business needs. Whether insourced, co-sourced, or fully outsourced, Darwin’s automation gives you as little or as much control over your monthly processes as you want.

The Darwin difference

End-to-end automation of your processes eliminates human handling of data, ensuring accuracy and compliance, while access to Darwin Control Centre gives you oversight of everything happening in the administration of your scheme, driving good governance. 

Darwin’s automation means that any client, even one that chooses to outsource benefits administration, can run the administration themselves. This transparency means you test the level of automation on offer and can see the automation of your processes yourselves.

Adding value

Because Darwin takes away the manual work that is done by other vendors’ managed services, our administrators add strategic value through continuous process improvement and standardisation, and vendor management.

Employee helpdesk

Our helpdesk team can reduce your administration effort as well as raise employee engagement on Darwin. Your employees will benefit from the full support of our helpdesk team, as their primary point of contact. The helpdesk team will also collaborate with you and your third party providers.

Helpdesk service includes:

- User administration enablement

- Employee assistance with benefit selection via phone and email

- Direct follow-up with providers on your behalf 


Darwin helps organisations achieve their benefits, people, and wider business goals by increasing engagement, streamlining administration, controlling cost and reducing risk. And your employees are able to access and engage with their benefits wherever they are in the world.


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