Organizations in APAC know that motivating and engaging their workforce is a game changer. Not only does it lead to increased productivity, but also creativity and innovation. So it’s no surprise that incentivizing employees to drive business performance now tops the agenda for HR and benefits teams in APAC.

In fact, our latest research found that enhancing employee engagement and driving business performance are both top three benefits strategy objectives in Asia and Oceania. Furthermore, when it comes to operational objectives, 84% of Asian organizations see creating a globally consistent employee experience as a high priority, while 71% are focusing on their global employee wellbeing programs to improve productivity. This shows that wellbeing in APAC is no longer simply about encouraging staff to visit the gym, but on how overall wellbeing positively impacts the organization as a whole.

However, HR and benefits professionals in APAC aren’t just driving business performance for their organization. Many are motivated by industry recognition for their work and being seen as leaders amongst their peers.

So how are HR and benefits professionals in APAC engaging their employees to truly drive business performance? The answer is through technology.

Our research found that 67% of APAC employers are either innovators (the first to adopt new technology) or early adopters (willing to take a chance on a new technology for competitive advantage). And it’s paying off; 92% of innovators and 87% of early adopters are above or on track with their employee engagement scores.

Many organizations in APAC are also trialling new tools and apps to test their value and see whether they lead to improvements in wellbeing. In fact, 51% are using a best-of-breed integrated ecosystem to plug-and-play new apps more quickly in response to employee demand. However, when it comes to getting a good return on benefits investment, the optimum number of tools and apps to have peaks at ten, and only 15% of APAC organizations provide this.

Finally, organizations in APAC are reaping the rewards of effective data use. 83% collect data to report on departmental costs, and 49% on employee wellbeing. And it’s paying off – those that use employee data to report on anything within the business have higher average employee engagement scores compared to those that don’t. To make full use of the employee data they collect and to play a more strategic role in driving business performance, many HR professionals in APAC are rapidly upskilling their existing HR teams into people analytics functions. 41% have had a dedicated people analytics team in place for less than two years and only 4% have no plans to build one in the future.

HR professionals in APAC are increasingly looking to technology to enable them to drive business performance and enhance employee engagement. They are using apps and tools to introduce benefits, track their use and tailor them to employee needs, while also upskilling their teams to harness the power of data and drive employee engagement.


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