When it comes to letting your employees know about their benefits, your internal communications channels can become overcrowded. From meeting invites to business updates, emails asking them to complete surveys and posters about the latest social events, it can be hard to make your message stand out. In fact, our recent research found that one in four UK employers are ineffective at making their employees aware of the benefits they have on offer.1

This blog highlights three areas to focus your communications on to get your employees hooked on their benefits.

Your benefits brand

This is the best way for your employees to recognise and identify with their benefits.

You want your benefits brand to resonate with your employees. Take advantage of the information you already have about them, for example, are they young? How often do they work from home and don’t get the benefit of visual communications in the office? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time? Collate this information to come up with the best brand for your organisation. Thomsons’ Communications team can help you make your brand stand out by creating a brand name, imagery, library of colours and suitable typography.2

Next, your benefits brand needs to be easily recognisable for employees. Take inspiration from your company brand. Consider if you’re fun or forward thinking, for example, and use this in your messaging. With a recognisable benefits brand, you can deliver clear messages and connect your employees with their benefits. As a result, they will be more inclined to engage with their benefits, make selections, and ensure you are getting ROI on your benefits spend.

Your tone of voice

So you know what you want to say to your employees, but do you think about how you say it?

Using a particular tone of voice can be a very effective way of engaging your employees with their benefits. When it comes to refreshing your tone, it’s very simple and often much less time-consuming than trying a new communications channel or reinventing your entire brand.

Think about what you’re trying to achieve and match your tone to the message. This is what consumer brands do so effectively, so it’s no surprise that our recent research found that employers who give their employees a consumer-like experience with their communications are twice as effective at enabling employees to make good benefit decisions.1

Make sure your employees can relate to your tone of voice. In the consumer world a friendly, informal tone of voice is more frequently used, and there’s no reason why it should be any different for employee communications. Relate it to your brand theme by using handwritten type font on your imagery for example!

Your headline

This is how you hook your employees into the communication by grabbing their attention.

Think about the key selling points of the benefits you offer in order to determine how to position them. Make it crystal clear what’s in it for your employees! One way of doing this is to use emotional messaging. If you make employees feel excited or nostalgic about their benefits, they are more likely to value them and make informed decisions. When you’re communicating about holiday buy, avoid telling employees about the ins and outs of salary sacrifice, the tax implications and the eligibility criteria. Instead, pitch to them the power of what they can do with their extra days. The city break they always wanted to go on? The school sports day they normally miss?

Another way to hook employees in is to use relevant messaging that relates to their important life stages. Our recent research found that employers who segment and target their benefits communications are twice as likely to meet their benefits objectives.1 Why not send new parents a congratulatory message and remind them of childcare vouchers available to them? If someone gets promoted, why not remind them of the financial solutions they can take advantage of such as your Workplace ISA?

When it comes to hooking your employees in with your benefits communications, focus on your brand, your tone of voice and how to get your employees’ attention to ensure you are being effective. Not only will employees be more engaged with your communications, they will be more aware of the benefits on offer too. As a result, they’ll make better benefits decisions!


1 To discover more of our benefits communications insights, download our UK Employee Benefits Watch report on Creating the ultimate employee connection

2 To find out how our Communications team can help with your brand, please get in touch.