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How NOT to Successfully Upgrade your Recruitment System

Mike Charter » Technology
1. DON'T ask your recruiters what they like or hate most about their current system, or if there is no system in place the problems or limitations the business is currently experiencing

2. DON'T invest 30 minutes into summarising that feedback into a single page document containing Objectives, Timescale, Budget, and Features (split into 2 columns: NICE TO HAVE's and MUST HAVE's).
3. DO call more than 3 recruitment vendors, as it will make your head spin and you like that.

4. DON'T tell the service provider about your requirements list. Instead let them guess and allow them to take up large amounts of your time trying to work out what your priorities are, then tell them later on.

5. DON'T invite your team to the demo. Instead bring them in later when they can bring up points which you may not have thought about and result in you having wasted a lot of your own time.recruitment software upgrade

6. DON'T have a budget in place. Don't define where you are now, where you want to be in 3 years, and work out what resources you will need to get there. Instead just have £50 a month budget and a 'see how it goes' approach - that'll work.

7. DON'T check out other customer reviews. Certainly don't check reviews on LinkedIn and other resources.

8. DON'T bother understanding what migrating your data to the new system involves, in terms of your time or your money.

9. DON'T have a GoLive plan in terms of Data Migration, Training, and Review. Just see what happens and cross your fingers that someone other than you knows what they're doing.

10. DON'T build & maintain a rapport with the vendor, despite the fact that they will most likely be a live service provider that your business will end up relying heavily on.

11. DO go with a newer company that has been going 3 years or less, as they are still learning about maintaining mission-critical applications, and they need the practice on your data.



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