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UK Recruitment CRM Provider strengthens brand with acquisition

Darwin Corporation has completed the acquisition of prime domain name DARWIN.COM for an undisclosed sum. The company already has a portfolio of high profile domain names and software trademarks, including the words Darwin® and natural selection®. The domain will serve to help the company achieve its ambitions to become a global software brand.

CEO Mike Chatha said: "We are extremely pleased to complete the acquisition. While our domain name DARWIN.CO.UK was ideal for the UK market, the COM variation is internationally recognised and of course perfect for the US market. As we expand internationally this will reduce our need to acquire country-specific domains."

"The internet is so important now both with online and offline branding, and we want our customers to find us easily and understand what we stand for. Domain names like DARWIN.COM are short and memorable, and clearly differentiate us from the competition."

"It also great timing as this year is Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, and the word 'Darwin' is known by the majority of the people on the planet."

"Hopefully DARWIN.COM will help to enhance our position as a leading supplier of innovative software solutions - the natural selection for those wishing to thrive and survive."

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