LONDON, UK – October 19, 2015 – Thomsons Online Benefits, the SaaS provider of global benefits and employee engagement software, today unveiled DarwinTM Analytics Centre to enable HR professionals to get a single source of truth for their benefits data. According to Thomsons’ 2015 Global Employee Benefits Watch, 48% of businesses worldwide are struggling to report globally on their workforces, in part due to disparate data streams and legacy systems. Thomsons is addressing this issue directly with its new analytics solution. 

Developed in conjunction with Birst, the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics, Darwin Analytics Centre offers insight, trend analysis and correlations to measure the effectiveness of a company’s reward scheme. HR managers can instantly see global, regional, or local benefits data displayed directly on the dashboard, enabling them to see the value that different employee demographics hold on specific benefits and use this information to attract and retain talent accordingly. 

Until now, decision makers in global enterprises have not had the visibility or analytics capabilities to assess the value and uptake of their benefits spend. Darwin™ Analytics Centre was created to give them the information and analysis they need to quickly and effectively make and communicate changes on a global or regional scale. Metrics which can be analysed include drivers of engagement, benefit take-up rates, total benefit spend and cost trends, risk and liability information, and much more – giving companies a powerful measurement tool and ultimately, drive growth of the entire business. It enables the HR department to deliver strategic insights back to the board, which can prove a return on investment for their benefits packages and helps to direct talent strategy. 

“An effective HR software solution should be personalised, captivating and most importantly – be able to play a strategic role in the overall business,” said Brenden Mielke, Director of Product Management at Thomsons Online Benefits. “Darwin Analytics Centre meets all of these criteria, finally closing the gap between a company’s output on employee benefits and how it is impacting the business overall. We are proud to add it to the Darwin platform.” 

“Having insight into how employees are responding to investment in benefits is a great example of how HR departments can make use of analytics to improve their approaches over time,” said Richard Neale, Director, EMEA at Birst. “Darwin Analytics Centre is powered by Birst’s Networked BI capabilities and adaptive user experience to provide that greater level of insight for everyone across the HR organisation.”

For more information on how to improve your company’s global benefits strategy, contact Thomsons. To download the 2015 Global Benefits Watch report, click here.