Thomsons Online Benefits today launches a new version of its multi award-winning Darwin™ employee benefit software. The online platform allows organisations to better manage and communicate their employee benefits programme, improving their workforce’s uptake of key benefits, including a workplace pension ahead of auto-enrolment. The new version delivers a simpler, more intuitive, faster experience, and operates across 16 languages.

The New Darwin Reward Centre™ software is designed to meet the expectations of an increasingly technology savvy workforce. Created with tablet users in mind, the latest version provides employees with greater access to information in a speedy manner, better engaging the workforce and empowering people to make more informed decisions around their benefits and pension.

Capco, the global business and technology consultancy, has trialled the new Darwin Reward Centre™ with positive feedback from both HR and employees:

“Many HR departments and employees wrestle with a laborious, administrative benefits process but this latest upgrade is faster and more efficient allowing our HR team to devote time away from admin and towards strategic projects,” said Tanisha Murphy, Human Capital, Operations at Capco. “The new Reward Centre is an engaging, user friendly, simple one stop shop for our employees. Our staff tested the medical and gym membership pages and had no problems signing up – it took literally seconds. We are rolling out the software to our UK workforce in the coming months and expect an increase in our benefit take-up.”

“Having interviewed over 100 employees ahead of product development we have developed Darwin based on insightful user feedback. We found that many people want to share and make decisions about their benefits with their family at home on a device that suits them. This is why we developed this latest version as a tablet-enabled product,” said Brenden Mielke, Product Director of Thomsons Online Benefits. “Social media, one-click online shopping and consumer apps have dramatically changed employees’ expectations of technology in the workplace. They are demanding visual, interactive and easily digestible information to give them greater control and this is what the new version of the Darwin Reward Centre™ is delivering.”

The new Darwin Reward Centre will be a powerful tool to help employers manage auto-enrolment, alleviating the administrative burden on HR departments. The streamlined process provides relevant information to educate the employee and enables a rapid sign up process improving the likelihood of pension take-up. Research from the London School of Economics and Thomsons shows that Total Reward statements and modelling tools – both available through the new Reward Centre – are two of the methods employees find most useful in making pensions decisions.

Auto-enrolment represents a ticking time bomb for UK mid-sized firms and their employees with 30,000 employers facing their staging dates right now ahead of April 2014. Thomsons research from its 2013 Employee Rewards Watch survey also found that almost a fifth of HR professionals have no confidence in their ability to meet the challenge of auto-enrolment.

The new version of the Darwin Reward Centre™ is broadly available to existing customers from Q1 2014 and is available immediately for new clients. For more information about the Darwin Reward Centre™, you can watch this video: