London – July 12, 2016 – Today’s enterprises are expanding operations internationally. However, when it comes to executing HR processes, including benefits management, a heterogeneous approach in each region isn’t scalable. Furthermore, this approach usually makes it impossible to gain insight into market, company, employee and financial trends. To solve these challenges, the world’s largest multinational enterprises have turned to Thomsons Online Benefits' Darwin™ platform in the last year for effective global employee benefits administration and engagement, including UK and global clients Netapp, Virgin Money, Samsung and Priory Group. Seven of the top 10 global tech companies and six out of the top 10 global brands now use Darwin™. 

As part of its commitment to improve the global HR landscape, Thomsons also developed agreements with some of the world’s most trusted providers of Enterprise Human Capital solutions and consulting services in the last year, enhancing its offerings and streamlining HR processes for global enterprises. These customer wins and partner collaborations have resulted in yet another year of significant financial momentum for Thomsons.

The company has successfully transitioned to a Software as a Service (SaaS) revenue model, with SaaS revenue up 36 percent, and with more than half of this increase from multi-country global enterprise deals. In fact, Darwin™ is now operating in 80 countries with over 30 multi-country benefits implementations to-date in 25 languages. As enterprises continue to recognise the value of global benefits management solutions, Thomsons saw 100 percent retention of enterprise clients.

“We believe that our technology platform, Darwin™, goes above and beyond anything else that is available to enterprises, and it’s clear from yet another year of impressive financial results that our customers feel the same way,” commented Michael Whitfield, CEO of Thomsons. “This year in particular, we’re especially excited to have formalised collaborations with some of the world’s largest providers of Enterprise Human Capital solutions and consulting services. Our partnership strategy has not only led to financial success, but is also laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.”

Darwin™ has been integrated with the following global corporations to address various challenges:

  • Xerox By integrating Darwin™ with Xerox’s HR portal solution, Thomsons helps global enterprises uniformly assess compliance risk, inspire employee engagement and manage data related to the cost of benefits (local and total). The solution offers a single, standardised repository of information, consolidating all benefits data for the employer.
  • Mercer – Through a new alliance with global consulting leader, Mercer, Thomsons will provide streamlined administration, automation and enhanced communication of benefit plans through Darwin™ to multinationals looking to manage their global benefits programs. Mercer will provide global employee benefits brokerage and consulting to multinationals.
  • NGA HR – Darwin™ is now integrated into NGA HR’s market-leading global payroll and HR services, NGA Employee Benefits solution, allowing enterprises to have a unified benefits management solution for their entire workforce, irrespective of their country location and provide a single source of employee benefits data.

These strategic partnerships provide significant benefits to enterprises, enabling them to take a truly global approach to benefits while offering unparalleled flexibility in delivering benefits schemes that meet their unique needs.

“For years organisations have struggled to manage benefits data across multiple countries,” said Amy Gurchensky, Senior Analyst at NelsonHall. “Over the last several years, Thomsons has continued to enhance its cloud-based Darwin™ platform while demonstrating consistent growth. The widespread use by global HR suppliers to integrate Darwin™ as part of a benefits or holistic HR solution validates that Thomsons is the preferred global benefits management platform in the market.”

If you are a potential client and would like to know more about how Darwin™ can help your business grow, please contact us here. For information on how to partner with us, please contact us here.

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Thomsons is a SaaS provider of global employee benefits and employee engagement software. Our award-winning platform, Darwin™, is the global market leader for automated employee benefits administration, connecting employees with their benefits in over 80 countries and 25 languages. By using the right combination of editions, Darwin™ provides a tailored solution to meet a variety of employee benefit and reward needs, including employee engagement, managing risk, controlling costs and streamlining benefits administration. Its ability to constantly evolve and cater for shifting workforce needs has made it the provider of choice for seven of the world’s top 10 technology companies. Alongside Darwin™, Thomsons provides an end to end solution that includes consulting, communications, and technical support ensuring employers achieve the best reward engagement possible. Thomsons has received 103 industry awards, including the prestigious Brandon Hall Group gold award for Best Advance in Rewards and Recognition Technology in 2015.

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