NGA Human Resources (NGA HR), a global payroll and HR services leader, has expanded its global partnership with Thomsons Online Benefits, the SaaS provider of global employee benefits and employee engagement software.

This move enables NGA to extend the availability of its proven NGA Employee Benefits solution to enterprises around the world. Already, NGA Employee Benefits, based on Thomsons’ global, flexible employee benefits administration SaaS platform, Darwin™, has transformed the rewards and benefits processes for a range of businesses across the UK and Asia Pacific region. 

Many of these users are looking to expand the use of NGA Employee Benefits across multiple countries and there is also growing demand from NGA customers wanting a unified benefits management solution for their entire workforce, irrespective of their country location.

NGA Employee Benefits, transforms existing, often hard to navigate benefits systems, into a straightforward, cloud-based, self-service process. The solution combines NGA’s extensive HR and payroll service and delivery expertise with the Darwin platform to provide a single source of employee benefits data. 

To ensure that employee engagement is straightforward, the interface, powered by Darwin, has been designed to be easy for all employees to see a detailed view of their total reward package. From this they can select their own rewards and benefits combination, based on their individual entitlement.

NGA Employee Benefits can be accessed via any device including a tablet and smartphone. This self-service approach to benefits and rewards management is proven to maximize process efficiency and, importantly, strengthen the relationship between the employer and its workforce. 

NGA Employee Benefits provides the assurance that employees can easily access the full range of benefits they are entitled to. For the business, it integrates securely and seamlessly with existing payroll and HR systems to provide a highly efficient, single source, real-time view of benefits data. In addition to employee management, this data provides a perfect audit trail for financial reporting and compliance purposes. 

“The extension of NGA’s strategic partnership with Thomsons Online Benefits means that we can now deliver the proven value of NGA Employee Benefits to enterprises with multiple operations around the world,” explained Andy Monshaw, SVP Sales at NGA Human Resources.

“The consumer-style interface, provided by the Darwin platform, has been well received by employers and employees. People like to be able to personally review and make changes to their benefits packages and see a real-time view of the impact this will have on their monthly salary. Based on its success already in the UK and Asia Pacific, NGA Employee Benefits is set to revolutionize the way that employers engage with their employees globally to make them feel recognized and rewarded,” continued Andy Monshaw at NGA Human Resources.

“Employees are demanding benefits to suit their lifestyle, accessed through intuitive, consumer technology. This is putting increasing pressure on enterprises to deliver a seamless solution with a single source of truth for their benefits data,” said Stephen Read, Commercial Director at Thomsons Online Benefits.

“Building on the strength and success of Thomsons’ and NGA Human Resource’s partnership in the UK and Asia, the two companies are now extending the partnership to NGA’s enterprise client base. The partnership will give clients a fantastic opportunity to access Darwin, Thomsons’ award-winning technology platform, to globally administer their benefits, fully integrated with NGA’s payroll and HR services,” continued Stephen Read.