Benefitfocus, Inc.(NASDAQ: BNFT), a leading provider of cloud-based benefits solutions in the US, and Thomsons Online Benefits today announced a collaborative effort to expand the adoption of each company's benefits administration systems to serve clients with global operations. Through its data exchange capabilities, Benefitfocus allows employers to integrate all benefits-related information within BENEFITFOCUS HR INTOUCH®, a single online portal to administer benefit enrollment and the distribution of employee communication. Likewise, with a Software as a Service delivery model, Thomsons Darwin™ is benefits management and employee engagement software that offers self-service during enrollment through user-friendly decision support and informative video. The collaboration between Thomsons and Benefitfocus provides multinational corporations a linked solution for global benefits administration.

Using a one-to-many data exchange model, Benefitfocus has the ability to transmit benefits information from employers to third parties such as insurance carriers, voluntary benefits providers and Thomsons. Establishing these types of data exchange connections is an integral part of the Benefitfocus Portfolio of Products & Services. Leveraging this one-to-many data exchange model along with Thomsons' capabilities in automating benefits administration, multinational employers can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their data in global benefits administration.

"Healthcare regulations and benefit programs vary widely from country to country," stated Shawn Jenkins, President and CEO of Benefitfocus. "Through this relationship with Thomsons, we are creating a benefits management network that combines our knowledge of complex U.S. benefits with Thomsons' experience in international benefits. Collaboration between multiple benefits administration systems has been an attractive solution for employers with a worldwide presence, and Benefitfocus and Thomsons are pleased to offer this service in response to the growing demand."

This collaboration facilitates the transmission of employee benefits data for an entire global workforce, conveniently transferring information to enrollment systems based on employee location. Employers using HR INTOUCH as their cloud-based enrollment and employee communications portal can elect Thomsons Darwin™ for benefits administration overseas. In the same way, international employers using Darwin™ can utilize HR INTOUCH as their employee benefits solution in the U.S.

Both HR INTOUCH and Darwin™ offer a suite of automation and reporting tools that employers can use to drive efficiency and create cost transparency within their benefits administration. Deployed by a number of Fortune 100 companies, Darwin™ securely connects with benefits providers, HR systems and payroll systems to offer a single source of data for employees and HR managers. Currently deployed in more than 60 countries in 15 languages, Darwin™ automates a large portion of a company's benefits processes, helping to reduce administrative costs and to free up HR teams for other value-added tasks.

"Benefitfocus shares our goal to provide best in class benefits software," said Chris Wakely, head of Thomsons North America. "We are both committed to innovation and continued investment to meet the evolving business needs of employers. Our collaborative effort offers businesses a strategic benefits administration solution that meets multi-country market requirements so they're able to deliver an engaging enrollment experience to all of their employees."

About Benefitfocus

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