1-Click Recruitment from Darwin®

With so many recruitment systems around to choose from, discover why Darwin is the 'natural selection' for your agency.

System Highlights

Cloud Recruitment CRM that searches inside CV's & emails, has customisable results and 1-Click batch actions, and integrates with Office & LinkedIn.

Online Tour new

Watch the guided tour with Founder
& MD Mike Chatha as he demonstrates how Darwin can streamline your recruitment process.

Book a 30 minute

Recruitment Software Demo!

and see how the Darwin® 1Click CRM could revolutionise your recruitment process!


book a software tour

How the Demo works

Our knowledgeable systems experts are
ex-recruiters who will be taking you through a
live version of the Darwin recruitment software.

When will the demo be arranged for?
Someone will contact you shortly to arrange
recruitment software demothe demo for a convenient day and time.


How do I login?
About an hour before the meeting you will be emailed a link to a"GoToMeeting" session, which enables you to see on your screen what the presenter is doing on his/her screen, ie. using Darwin. So there is nothing you need, other
than an internet connection.

How long will it take?

The software demonstration normally takes around 30 minutes (such a simple system to understand) but we advise allowing up to 1 hour in case you have questions, or want to find out more about us as a company.


From our side who should be involved?

As many as possible! Your recruiters can be in different locations and can all login to the session at the same time. They can see the software on the screen (and even take control if they want) and of course ask the questions that are important to them.


Can the demonstration be personalised
with our data?

Yes, if your team is 4 recruiters or more you can provide us with some sample vacancies and 20 or so anonymized CV's, and we'd be happy to show the Darwin® recruitment software working with your agency's data.

So what are you waiting for?


Darwin® - the natural selection.