Tech is the enabler to thriving, not just surviving

Covid-19 has brought about a seismic change all over the world in the way we live and work. Despite the incredibly difficult times, there is something strangely unifying about the fact that we are all in this together. Yet while in many ways we feel united against the virus, it is also true to say the differences in our personal circumstances have never more stark – evidenced by how people of all ages, life stages and level of space and home comfort are coping very differently with being in lockdown.

In the workplace, HR teams are taking much of the strain. Supporting employees through some of their toughest times, balancing individual requirements with trying to pull people together as a collective – all the while maintaining business critical people operations. Not only that, but now managing and increasingly complex and pressurised stakeholder group. Right now, CEOs and CFOs need insights, strategy, empathy and agility more than ever.

In this years’ first ever global Reward Club Virtual Events, we were excited to bring you a series of five bite-sized sessions to show you how technology can not only support you through these challenges, and manage all of these different demands on your team – but enable you to adapt your strategies with speed, and thrive.

The series is now complete but we're really excited to be able to share the sessions on demand for you to watch at time most convenient to you.

Tech is the enabler to thriving, not just surviving

The change we're experiencing right now is happening at a pace and scale that was completely unpredictable. Yet while many of the trends we're seeing in HR are not a surprise - take mental health as an example - the rate it has accelerated up the agenda in both urgency and importance has been incredible. In this session, Chris Bruce and Doctor Lorna Friedman, Mercer's Global Health Leader for multinational clients will debate the macro trends (both existing and emerging) that we're seeing in health and tech, how these trends are being shaped the needs of HR's many different stakeholders and, crucially, what actions you need to be taking right now as a result.

Designing a responsive and hyper personalized wellbeing strategy

Employee wellbeing has been a high on HR’s agenda for some time, but our view of wellbeing has changed dramatically in the past few months. Join this session to hear from Jonathan Day-Miller, Director Enterprise Consulting at Thomsons and Emily Meyer, Principal at Mercer, as they look at the impact that COVID-19 has had on wellbeing and the shift in employee benefits strategies driven by technology. 

Thriving through change with technology

It’s hard to imagine how organisations without benefits tech have managed the logistics of manual systems or keeping employees connected with their employer over the past couple of months. Meanwhile Darwin continues to evolve to meet these demands at pace and, with the added insight and experience from working with MMB, is creating more locally relevant experiences for employees everywhere than ever before. Whether your top priority right now is proving ROI to your board, supporting your employees with their benefits or ensuring you’re operating as efficiently as possible (or even all three!), we’re excited to share how Darwin has been evolving to meet your needs across our Reward Centre, Control Centre and Analytics Centre platforms.

This session is not available on demand. If you'd like to watch it please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Navigating the unpredictable with analytics

During periods of change, data is more important than ever to help organizations understand the impact on their people and how best to adjust their strategy as a result. This is vital because during tough times, there are even more opportunities to support employees with benefits which can also help increase employees’ sense of loyalty. In this session, James Knight, our SVP Data & Analytics will be taking us through how the latest developments in Darwin can be used to optimise your benefits programme, to ensure you’re there for your people, and supporting the c-suite with the additional insights they need at this time of uncertainty.

This session is not available on demand. If you'd like to watch it please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Adobe: Wellbeing and the role of technology in the time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the importance of technology and data in ensuring organizations stay agile and respond to change in extraordinary times. Mary Kay Gilhooly, Global Wellbeing Senior Program Manager at Adobe, will be joining us to look at the latest macro trends and their impact on Adobe’s global wellbeing strategy. In this session you'll learn how Adobe used tech to alter and deliver their wellbeing program, analyzing data to understand employees’ individual circumstances and providing personalized, relevant and meaningful support.

Ecosystems are the future

The picture today might be less stable than it was even just a couple of months ago, but our vision for the future of benefits design, delivery and management has never been clearer – or more needed. In this session you can find out how, with MMB, we’re continually building towards that future – one where ecosystems of technologies and providers offer the most relevant, personalised and engaging experiences designed uniquely for the local market in which it sits. We know that the stronger we are locally, the stronger we are globally. So these local ecosystems combined with the architectural principles of Darwin are interconnected at the global level, providing the strongest foundation on which to build an overarching picture of benefits that can be optimised centrally and tailored locally.

Holistic wellbeing is the new normal

Your employees need you now more than ever. Routines have been dramatically altered, gyms are closed, social lives are cancelled and many households are dealing with reduced incomes while also grappling with home schooling. So, how are you supporting your employees with all aspects of their wellbeing when it’s being attacked from every angle? In this session, Jack will be talking to Nick Taylor, founder of Unmind, as they share some key takeaways learnt during the UK lockdown, how organisations can prepare for times of crisis, and why you can no longer look at as mental, physical and financial wellbeing in silo.

Getting creative with employee engagement

Pre-lockdown, very few organizations had their entire workforce permanently working from home so it’s fair to say this new way of working is taking some serious adjustment for many people. This is never more true than for the HR team who not only have to deal with the impact themselves, but also be there for the different needs of all their employees – and this means coming up with even more creative ways to keep their workforce engaged, healthy and happy. Join this session to hear from our Creative Engagement team as they talk us through how they’re helping clients to meet this challenge.