Innovation generation: EMEA

Organisations in EMEA recognise that having a motivated workforce boosts productivity as well as innovation, so their attention has turned to increasing employee engagement. Scroll below for the findings from our 'Innovation generation: the big HR disconnect' research, specific to the EMEA region.

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Driving employee engagement in EMEA

Get the short whitepaper to discover how HR teams in the EMEA region are focusing their attention on creating a consistent employee experience and using tools to give their organisations a competitive edge.

Innovation generation: priorities for EMEA

Read our infographic to discover why enhancing employee engagement now tops the agenda for HR and benefits teams.

Chris Bruce's thoughts on benefits priorities in EMEA

Chris Bruce, Co-founder and Managing Director, talks through how adopting technology can help enhance employee engagement in this video.

EMEA organisations face employee engagement barriers

Read our blog to discover the progress that needs to be made for HR and benefits teams in EMEA to truly deliver on their engagement objectives.

Innovation generation: priorities for EMEA

Watch the video for how EMEA organisations are adopting new technology to attract and retain talent and enhance the employee experience. In fact, 87% of early adopters are above or on track with their employee engagement targets.