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Building a Bespoke Recruitment System from Scratch


Building a Bespoke Recruitment System from Scratch
I lost my virginity back in 2004 (to recruitment software that is) when a £37m agency asked me to build them a recruitment system. My first question was: "Isn't there anything already on the market that meets your needs?" and then to check Google, like everyone does I guess. There were loads of recruitment software systems on the market - and I mean LOADS. There must have been in the region of 50 or 60 systems at least.recruitment technology news

10 Ways to Retain your Margin


10 Ways to Retain your Margin
One of the top challenges facing a recruitment professional in today's competitive market is how to negotiate against price and discount pressure to retain the right margin. When recruiters concede in these situations they not only reduce the profitability of the placement, but also devalue the customer perceptions of the Product (ie. the Candidate) and Service provided (ie. you).recruitment technology news

The Cost of Free Recruitment Software


The Cost of Free Recruitment Software
Let's face it, we all love free. Free is great. Free feels like something for nothing, and in this tough life that's really good news. BUT... did you know 'Free' may actually cost you more?recruitment technology news

10 ways to mess up your Recruitment Software upgrade


10 ways to mess up your Recruitment Software upgrade
1. DON'T ask your recruiters what they like or hate most about their current system, or if there is no system in place the problems or limitations the business is currently experiencing

2. DON'T invest 30 minutes into summarising that feedback into a single page document containing Objectives, Timescale, Budget, and Features (split into 2 columns: NICE TO HAVE's and MUST HAVE's).recruitment technology news

3 Mobile Recruitment Myths


3 Mobile Recruitment Myths
MYTH 1 » You are going to be on the road all the time.

Over 90% of all recruitment is still performed in the office at a laptop or PC. Don't get me wrong, the internet is a fantastic revolution since it was invented in 1959 for military use, then commercially introduced in 1994. Prior to starting Darwin I myself spent over 10 years building web-based applications for Clients, and the majority of the end users still used them from the office! But to perform their role effectively recruiters need to be on the phone, looking at details on screen/paper, and making notes ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is pretty difficult from a drive-thru MacDonalds with one hand on the wheel, and the other juggling a burger and an iPad!recruitment technology news

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