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With so many recruitment systems around to choose from, discover why Darwin is the natural selection for your agency.

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Cloud Recruitment CRM that searches inside CV's & emails, has customisable results and 1-Click batch actions, and integrates with Office & LinkedIn.

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Recruitment Software for a Fast & Integrated CRM Process

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Darwin® 1-Click is an easy-to-use recruiting system that connects everything together.
Your candidate profiles, CV's, Outlook emails, your website and job boards... even LinkedIn.
An elegant blend of online and offline information, just a Click away.

And it looks & feels like Microsoft Office... as it was actually co-developed by Microsoft themselves.

Book a demo of this revolutionary recruitment software system today and see for yourself
how Darwin® delivers a process which is simple, fast & connected in the Cloud.

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1-Click CRM Platform for Recruiters :-)

We believe the DARWIN recruiter database system is by far the fastest way
to improve recruiter productivity and fees.

Want to see how an agency like yours could reach its fullest potential?

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Learn the key things that make this recruiting software way better than the other vacancy management systems on the market today

Choosing Recruitment Software

Whether you choose this candidate processing database or another one, be sure to refer first to this invaluable checklist for recruitment professionals


Learn how Darwin partnered with the world's most successful company (Microsoft) to build
this outstanding online recruitment CRM software


Full specifications of our online recruiting system, which includes must-have functionality like LinkedIn & Outlook integration

Recruitment Process

New agency looking for a first recruitment system? No doubt you have it covered, but why not compare your existing process against our industry blueprint


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the field. This section contains updates about recruiting software and associated HR topics


Want to watch the easiest way to process everyday recruitment tasks? Download the 20 min preview of typical functions such as 1-Click CV parsing from Outlook..

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GREAT agency software backed by EXCELLENT service & support! But don't take our word for it.. hear from recruiters that use it everyday!


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